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Foam Wizard Insulation Contractor

Foam Wizard does not only focus on improving the overall feel of a home or business; we also help reverse the negative effects one might experience without proper insulators. It is our goal to evaluate your property as a whole, and offer suggestions that might improve it.

Why Insulation is so Important

Insulation is not something that property owners always think about, but it is important. For example, it is estimated that around 54 percent of a homeowner’s utility bill is devoted to heating and cooling their home.

The numbers are not much different for business owners who may have a lot more property to cool or keep warm.

The part that you may not like to hear is the fact that a property that has not been properly surveyed by professionals like us might be losing a lot of their cooling and warming capacity. This means that you are spending more on your utilities than you need to because your property is allowing air to escape.

It should be noted that the entire heating and cooling system is also working overtime when a home is insufficiently insulated. This could lead to a premature breakdown of the entire AC system. Both of these problems end up costing more money than you want to spend.

Our contractor will focus on the problem areas, though every area of the property will be fully inspected. The problem areas start with the walls of the property where 35 percent of the air escapes. We also focus on the windows and doors where another 25 percent is lost, not to mention the roof. A property loses 25 percent of air through the roof (or attic) alone. The floors could potentially be problematic, though it usually only represents a 15 percent loss of air.

We will also take a look at the crawl space or basement just in case. In short, the entire property will be inspected before we continue with our analysis.

Services Offered by Foam Wizard

You now understand how important it is to consider our services. We offer every type of insulation that you can think of including some of the following:

  1. Batts and rolls for blanket
  2. Block insulation for concrete
  3. Rigid foam or regular foam board
  4. Option of blown-in and loose-fill
  5. Foamed-in-place & sprayed foam
  6. Crawl space encapsulation and repair
  7. Basement waterproofing and insulation

All of these are recommended in different situations depending where you want us to focus. For example, the crawl space could be insulated with something like the spray foam. It is a very effective process that will not take too long. The foam is usually used for areas that experience very low temperatures.

If you do not have to worry about extreme temperatures, your property might work better with batts, though this is just one option. Batts are great and their R-value, which is usually 19, is enough to keep your property cozy. R-value refers to the heat-resistance held by each material.

Foam Wizard Insulation Installation and Contracting

Foam Wizard Insulation Installation and Contracting

Keep in mind that our team will also make sure we use the proper support for any of the insulating materials used. For example, we will use crisscross wire webbing if we installed batts in your crawl space. Wire webbing will not compress the material, which will ultimately hurt its R-value in the long-run.

Our team will also make sure that every electrical hole in the crawl space or between the walls is sealed with spray foam. Our team will install a vapor barrier over any of the insulating materials that are used. These barriers are helpful because most of the materials used in a home or business will secrete some moisture given enough time.

You do not want this moisture to become trapped within the batts, foam, or whatever was used to insulate your home. This will eventually weaken the R-value and might diminish its natural life-span. Vapor barriers can easily be installed are made of long-lasting polyethylene plastic.

Every aspect of your property will be treated this way because we understand the benefits very well. For one, we have noticed that you can save up to 20 percent on your energy bill just by insulating the roof. This is just one aspect of your property, but it is clear to see that good insulation can have a great impact.

Full insulation performed by one of our experts can end up reducing total cost of heating and cooling for a business or home by up to 40 percent.

It is estimated that a property can regain their entire investment in good insulation in about five to six years simply through some of the savings that you will be enjoying as soon as we are done with our job.

A benefit of considering one of our services is you will be effectively contributing to a greener planet. There is no doubt that households and businesses are becoming aware of their carbon footprint. You may not immediately associate insulation as a green act, but the fact is that it is. You may not need to use as much energy to keep your property comfortable if you use our services at Foam Wizard.

Of course, you know that most of the energy that is supplied to you is generated through the use of carbon, natural gas, or other substances that are not eco-friendly. You will not only be saving money, but you will also be giving back to this planet by simply insulating your property. Hopefully, this helps you understand what you can expect from Foam Wizard.